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Writing and Environment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Composing and Environment - Essay Example Jared Diamond’s article named The Last Americans: Environmental Collapse and the End of Civilization gives an admonition to those living in cutting edge economies (counting the United States) that incredible civic establishments of the past unavoidably decrease and die in the wake of hitting their pinnacle. He recommends that being careless at present can prompt hopeless natural fiascoes soon. The article Am I Blue by Alice Walker addresses a unified concern, to be specific the issue of basic entitlements. She recommends that human have for a really long time abused creatures for their own childish closures and this is an image of human clash as well. So with the goal for people to prosper, they need to begin rewarding creatures morally. Every one of the three creators examined above raise a few admirable sentiments and their perceptions approve each other’s contentions. Rachel Carson’s article named The Obligation to Endure is gives a top to bottom examination of the condition of concoction contamination in our condition. Carson affirms that the rate at which new engineered contaminations are let out into our condition is excessively quick forever structures to embrace to and develop appropriately. Therefore our planet is currently at a cusp of a deadly debacle. Given the gravity of the issue, Carson doesn't utilize diversion or mockery. Rather, her exposition is of a genuine tone, injected with dull incongruity and sincere imploration. Her intrigue to the peruser is very amazing, for it returns at the of a point by point and real investigative introduction. One concoction issue that Rachel Carson centers around is that of the bug spray. This apparently advantageous gadget to keep bug bugs has caused unexpected outcomes of immense extents. Bug sprays, for example, DDT, while giving prompt improvement in rural efficiency, have caused serious blow-back. Therefore, Carson affirms that

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Many companies argue that they search for synergies between the Essay

Numerous organizations contend that they look for cooperative energies between the business in their you think this is a realstic goal in aswering this qustio - Essay Example In business, the term portrays a sought after or genuine impact coming about because of various people, divisions, or procedures or arrangement of a business or organizations cooperating and achieving higher efficiency and incomes than those of the whole of the individual components or procedures or arrangement of the business. This sort of bit of leeway might be gotten from the consolidated or helpful endeavors of various lines of business of a venture or potentially from the merger of two organizations in a similar line of business or industry. Truth be told, cooperative energy is the enchantment word frequently bandied going to legitimize mergers and acquisitions. We will consider in this paper the nature, content and the degree of cooperative energy that might be produced in both these classifications of business mix. Notwithstanding, at the beginning itself, it should be said as Addison's Sir Roger de Coverly had frequently announced years back that much might be said on the two sides of the inquiry. (Joseph Addison) Right now, huge numbers of the world economies are 'information based', intensely reliant on and driven by creative innovation. Any business which can't adjust to the demanding requests of such a monetary situation may think that its hard to endure long in the hustle and fuss of the serious world in which it has its reality. The present administration must be deliberately prepared for the circumstance. Cooperative energy supplies that key gear. Furthermore, an administration so prepared will concentrate in general, and not on the parts, of a combination business and will deal with the interface of segments, on their connections and restricting elements, and on the potential for the entire framework to accomplish results that are more noteworthy than the entirety of the parts. A company that expands on center abilities uses aptitudes that consolidate to reinforce esteem chains and assemble more noteworthy upper hands. This prompts collaborations among specialty units, which help them to turn out to be more profitable together than freely. The assortment of aptitudes utilized in this circumstance might be to a great extent elusive, however companies can and do fabricate cooperative energies by sharing substantial assets. Corporate methodology looks to create cooperative energies by sharing and organizing staff and different assets across specialty units, contributing money related assets across specialty units, and utilizing specialty units to supplement other corporate business exercises. In the language of basic number juggling rationale, if two ponies can pull 9,000 pounds, four ponies can pull 18,000 pounds. Sounds sensible - yet in the language of cooperative energy, it isn't right! Four ponies in blend will have the option to pull more than 30,000 pounds! It is collaboration that has the effect. A couple of models For example, Ford Motor Company's various brands have their own qualities and frameworks. The association joins them along with shared information and good frameworks. Their diverse innovative and purchaser centered organizations have bestowed the capability of amazing income development, and provided the cooperative energies for most extreme advantage. Another model is that of Toyota. Its worldwide serious advan

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Female Genital Mutilation Free Essays

Is Female Genital Mutilation A Moral Practice Female genital mutilation (FGM) is certifiably not an ethically supported practice. It is a superfluous technique that has no clinical medical advantages to the young ladies and ladies it is being performed on. As per Utilitarianism, we should create the best measure of joy for the best number influenced. We will compose a custom exposition test on Female Genital Mutilation or then again any comparative subject just for you Request Now Utilitarian’s additionally accept that we ought to reduce the best measure of agony and languishing over the best number influenced. In light of Utilitarian grounds, FGM has no clinical medical advantages and it is a totally superfluous follow up on females in this culture. It is additionally an amazingly difficult methodology that has intense present moment and long haul symptoms, including demise. Jeremy Bentham, an Act Utilitarian, built up the indulgent math, which is a â€Å"scientific† philosophy for figuring out which delights should be sought after and which agonies should be dodged. FGM is a case of the agonies that â€Å"ought† to be stayed away from. This rule empowers people to give valid justifications to their game-plan. At the point when we are pondering about the correct activity, Bentham keeps up that we should consistently represent the joys and agonies. Instances of this are the power, term, assurance or vulnerability, remoteness, fruitfulness, immaculateness and degree of the delight or agony. So as to comprehend why FGM is certainly not an ethically advocated practice and why it conflicts with the standards of Utilitarianism, you need to realize what FGM is. You have to realize who it is being performed on and what age, why it is being done, where it is going on, how it is performed, and what present moment and long haul symptoms happen, after this system has been finished. The agony and experiencing that is coming about this methodology is conflicting with the best satisfaction guideline of Utilitarianism. There is a motivation behind why it is not, at this point called female circumcision and is presently being alluded to as female genital mutilation. FGM is an un-safe, un-sterile technique that is occurring in numerous outside nations around the globe including Egypt, the Sudan, the Horn of Africa, the Middle East and Malaysia (Winter, Par. 6). FGM hurts young ladies and ladies in these societies by causing them extreme agony and numerous genuine symptoms. As indicated by the gluttonous analytics, and the guideline of force, it expresses that a few joys and torments are more serious than others. The young ladies or ladies in this culture are being gotten through an outrageous measure of extraordinary torment for no gainful explanation. The system is being finished by birthing assistants or more established â€Å"experienced† ladies in the towns that don't have any clinical preparing and are not instructed in the field of medication. Not exclusively is FGM a perilous strategy, however it likewise has physical, sexual and mental outcomes (Amnesty International USA, Par. 3). As per the World Health Organization, this training has numerous genuine symptoms including stun, discharge (dying), lockjaw or sepsis (bacterial contamination), pee maintenance, open injuries in the genital locale and injury to close by genital tissue (Par. 13). Opposite reactions can incorporate passing, genuine diseases, HIV, abscesses, little kind tumors, and clitoral sores (wolvesdream, Par. 5). The World Health Organization has likewise announced many long haul results which incorporate; repetitive bladder and urinary tract diseases, pimples, barrenness, an expanded danger of labor inconveniences and infant passings (Par. 4). It can likewise prompt a requirement for later medical procedures throughout everyday life (Par. 14). For instance, the FGM method that seals or limits a vaginal opening should be sliced open further down the road to take into account sex and labor (Par. 14). In this equivalent strategy, ladies could be cut and sewed over and over, prompting further inconv eniences and all the more long haul dangers. Alongside the high danger of present moment and long haul symptoms, the greatest issue coming about because of this technique is demise. FGM is the evacuation of all or part of the outer pieces of the female genitalia. It is a social practice that began in some African nations more than 2000 years back (wolvesdream, Par. 1). As per this equivalent source, FGM is essentially a social practice, not a strict practice (Par. 1). In any case, in certain societies they do incorporate it as a feature of their religion (Par. 1). In these outside nations, FGM has become something that is simply expected and characterizes them to their way of life (Par. 1). As per the individuals in this culture, young ladies won't become ladies, or grown-ups so far as that is concerned, if this methodology isn't performed. Most will be viewed as un-clean and won't have the option to wed without the method (Par. 9). In certain societies, the thinking for this technique, is that it will diminish the woman’s want for sex, thusly lessening the opportunity of sex outside the marriage (Amnesty International USA, Par. 7). We can allude this to the immaculateness part of the indulgent analytics, which expresses that a few joys or torments are cleaner than others. For what reason is it reasonable for remove the joy of sex from ladies, yet not from men in this culture? What keeps the men from going outside the pledges of a marriage? What is decreasing their craving for sex and for what reason would they say they are considered â€Å"clean† without playing out a loathsome method? In this culture, since marriage is frequently the main job accessible for ladies, it is unimaginable for them to wed in the event that they have not experienced this methodology (Par. 7). Is this technique just being done to ladies in this culture since they don't esteem ladies? Is their solitary job in the network propagation so as to keep up the way of life and its practices? FGM is completed at different ages in a girl’s life yet it is most every now and again around the ages of four to eight years old (wolvesdream, Par. 3). Alluding back to Bentham’s epicurean analytics and the standard of remoteness, it expresses that a few delights and agonies may come sooner than others. The young ladies that are persevering through this strategy are at an extremely youthful, juvenile and lacking age. Be that as it may, the agony dispensed in the strategy doesn’t end here. It very well may be a lifetime of torment and enduring with each sexual experience or birth. Taking a gander at the libertine math and the rule of assurance or vulnerability, it expresses that there is either delight or torment in a demonstration. The young ladies in this culture are constrained into this technique realizing that they should bear an outrageous measure of agony that could keep going a lifetime, contingent upon the conditions. As indicated by an article composed on FGM, there are three distinct sorts of FGM that happen in various societies (Par. 3). The first is called Sunna Circumcision which is the evacuation of the prepuce (retractable crease of skin, or hood) or the tip of the clitoris (Par. ). In this culture Sunna is Arabic for â€Å"tradition† (Par. 3). The subsequent sort is Clitoridectomy which is the evacuation of the whole clitoris (prepuce and organs) and the expulsion of the nearby labia (Par. 3). The third sort is called infibulation (pharonic circumcision) which comprises of playing out a clitoridectomy (evacuation of all or part of the l abia minora, the labia majora) (Par. 3). This is then sewed up permitting just a little gap to stay open to take into account pee and menstrual blood to move through (Par. 3). To lead this technique the birthing assistants or town ladies utilize different un-sterilized instruments including; broken glass, metal can tops, obtuse blades, scissors, and extremely sharp steels (Amnesty International USA, Par. 3). As a rule, these things are utilized more than once, with no sort of cleansing or sanitizing. This training has lead to the fast spread of numerous maladies, high disease rates and HIV. Regularly, this system is performed with no sedation and there are no anti-toxins given to forestall contamination. The main clinical treatment they get is being sewed up utilizing anything from feline or sheep digestive tract, to the utilization of thistles (Par. ). In the event that infibulation or a clitoridectomy is played out, their legs are headed for as long as two months while their injuries recuperate, leaving them immobilized (Par. 3). We can allude this back to the libertine math and the guideline of length, which expresses that a few delights or torments wil l last longer than others. Contingent upon the kind of system done and how it is done, these young ladies could persevere through a lifetime of agony and experiencing coming about this training. As per examine, an expected 135 million young ladies and ladies have experienced FGM and 2 million young ladies a year are in danger of having this method done (Amnesty International USA, Par. ). This records for roughly 6,000 young ladies for every day (Amnesty International USA, Par. 5). Alluding back to the libertine math, the degree of agony and enduring that is being dispensed on the young ladies and ladies of this culture is bewildering and the numbers are faltering. Subsequent to finding out about FGM and the way of life it is being acted in, some social relativists may contend that the moral understandings differ among societies and what might be viewed as ethically wrong in one culture might be completely satisfactory in another. In any case, considering the way that FGM includes the purposeful punishment of extreme agony and enduring and that its belongings can be dangerous, it doesn't follow the best bliss rule in Utilitarianism. In addition to the fact that it is an infringement of the privileges of females since it is most generally performed on young ladies running in age from birth to puberty, it is a grave infringement of Children’s Human Rights (Amnesty International USA, Par. 10). Taking everything into account, female genital mutilation is certifiably not an ethically supported practice since it conflicts with the best joy guideline of Utilitarianism. It damages the privileges of females and fe

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English task - Assignment Example I have in the process gained important ground and fabricated dependable associations with individuals around me in my calling. I trust I have the correct qualifications in having experience, presentation, hands on aptitude and specialized information to attempt the job of a System Analyst your association I have additionally had collaborations with driving researchers and scientists in the field of innovation and hardware to enhance my insight and have a continuous relationship with the scholarly world of my school. This puts me to a bit of leeway to serve the job of junior research partner and work on a nonstop premise as well as continue getting the hang of, enhancing and developing at the appointed time of my vocation. My scholarly reputation has been reasonable enough to qualify as an essential for the meticulousness and consistency required in this job in an incredibly specialty, intriguing and bleeding edge zone. I accept, I will have the option to coordinate all my learning an d offer my types of assistance through my encounters, cooperations and learning in a healthy way. Introductory Letter: To, Recruiting Head, The Human Resource Department, Name of Company. Ref: Application for the post of System Analyst Dear Sir, This is mentioning your consideration on my enthusiasm for the job of a framework examiner in your organization. I might want to state that I have been a piece of the Saudi Oger Company throughout the previous 1 year 3 years and obtained information and professional training. I have additionally prepared experts and coached youngsters in my general vicinity of specific information which is client service and individuals the board. To add to my certifications, I bear a reliable scholarly reputation all through my scholastic vocation. I have explicit enthusiasm for going into the client assistance divisions in the limit of a group captain or a System Analyst and put to utilize the learning and experience I’ve had in the course of the la st 1 year. To add to my learning and expert presentation I likewise play soccer and trust in a sound way of life. I might want you to think about my application and experience my profile and certifications connected. I anticipate a positive answer and envision the best. Respects, Thank You Letter: To, Recruiting Head, The Human Resource Department, Name of Company Ref: Application for the post of System Analyst Dear Sir, I keep in touch with you communicating my true thankfulness for the time you’ve taken out in masterminding our conversation. I have assimilated the minutes well and appreciated the conversation we had focused hands on open door as a System Analyst. The data shared by you was exceptionally significant and I welcome the exertion you put in sharing your important experiences identified with the Technology and client support industry and my profession way by and large. I thank you by and by for your important time and truly anticipate your answer. Envisioning the best. Respects, Resume Full Name Address Phone Number Email id Career Objectives: 1. To consistently learn and apply procured aptitudes in doing significant and profitable work 2. To find some kind of harmony between my expert and individual life 3. To learn and develop as an overall individual Academic Background Institute Year of Passing Aggregate Riyadh College of Technology 2009 3.4 GPA Technical Capabilities: Software Languages, Platforms, Subjects Professional Capabilities: People Management,

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The Saint Patricks Battalion (Los San Patricios)

The Saint Patricks Battalion (Los San Patricios) The St. Patricks Battalion-referred to in Spanish as el Batallã ³n de los San Patricios-was a Mexican armed force unit included principally of Irish Catholics who had absconded from the attacking US armed force during the Mexican-American War. The St. Patricks Battalion was a tip top gunnery unit which caused extraordinary harm on the Americans during the clashes of Buena Vista and Churubusco. The unit was driven by Irish turncoat John Riley. After the Battle of Churubusco, most individuals from the contingent were murdered or caught: the greater part of those taken prisoner were hanged and most of the others were marked and whipped. After the war, the unit went on for a brief timeframe before being disbanded. The Mexican-American War By 1846, strains between the USA and Mexico had arrived at a basic point. Mexico was maddened by the American extension of Texas, and the USA had its eye on Mexicos scantily populated western property, for example, California, New Mexico, and Utah. Armed forces were sent to the outskirt and it didnt take long for a progression of conflicts to flare into a hard and fast war. The Americans attacked, attacking first from the north and later from the east subsequent to catching the port of Veracruz. In September of 1847, the Americans would catch Mexico City, constraining Mexico to give up. Irish Catholics in the USA Numerous Irish were moving to America at about a similar time as the war, because of brutal conditions and starvation in Ireland. A large number of them joined the US armed force in urban areas like New York and Boston, seeking after some compensation and US citizenship. The vast majority of them were Catholic. The US armed force (and US society all in all) was around then extremely narrow minded towards both Irish and Catholics. Irish were viewed as lethargic and oblivious, while Catholics were viewed as idiots who were effortlessly occupied by pomp and driven by a faraway pope. These biases made life hard for Irish in American culture everywhere and especially in the military. In the military, the Irish were viewed as second rate officers and given grimy employments. Odds of advancement were for all intents and purposes nil, and toward the start of the war, there was no open door for them to go to Catholic administrations (before the finish of the war, there were two Catholic ministers serving in the military). Rather, they had to go to Protestant administrations during which Catholicism was frequently attacked. Disciplines for infractions, for example, drinking or carelessness of obligation were frequently serious. Conditions were cruel for a large portion of the officers, even the non-Irish, and thousands would abandon over the span of the war. Mexican Enticements The possibility of battling for Mexico rather than the USA had a specific fascination for a portion of the men. Mexican commanders educated of the predicament of the Irish officers and effectively supported rebellions. The Mexicans offered land and cash for any individual who abandoned and went along with them and sent over fliers admonishing Irish Catholics to go along with them. In Mexico, Irish deserters were treated as legends and given the open door for advancement denied them in the American armed force. A considerable lot of them felt a more noteworthy association with Mexico: like Ireland, it was a poor Catholic country. The appeal of the congregation ringers reporting mass more likely than not been extraordinary for these warriors a long way from home. The St. Patricks Battalion A portion of the men, including Riley, surrendered before the real affirmation of war. These men were immediately coordinated into the Mexican armed force, where they were doled out to the army of outsiders. After the Battle of Resaca de la Palma, they were sorted out into the St. Patricks Battalion. The unit was comprised of principally Irish Catholics, with a reasonable number of German Catholics also, in addition to a bunch of different nationalities, including a few outsiders who had been living in Mexico before war broke out. They made a pennant for themselves: a splendid green standard with an Irish harp, under which was Erin go Bragh and the Mexican escutcheon with the words Libertad por la Republica Mexicana. On the other side of the pennant was a picture of St. Patrick and the words San Patricio. The St. Patricks initially considered activity to be a unit at the Siege of Monterrey. A large number of the deserters had cannons understanding, so they were appointed as a world class mounted guns unit. At Monterrey, they were positioned in the Citadel, a gigantic fortification obstructing the passage to the city. American General Zachary Taylor carefully sent his powers around the gigantic fortification and assaulted the city from either side. In spite of the fact that the protectors of the fortification fired on American soldiers, the bastion was to a great extent unimportant to the guard of the city. On February 23, 1847, Mexican General Santa Anna, planning to clear out Taylors Army of Occupation, assaulted the dug in Americans at the Battle of Buena Vista south of Saltillo. The San Patricios had an unmistakable impact in the fight. They were positioned on a level where the primary Mexican assault occurred. They battled with unique excellence, supporting an infantry advance and emptying gun shoot into the American positions. They were instrumental in catching some American guns: one of only a handful not many bits of uplifting news for the Mexicans in this fight. After Buena Vista, the Americans and Mexicans directed their concentration toward eastern Mexico, where General Winfield Scott had handled his soldiers and taken Veracruz. Scott walked on Mexico City: Mexican General Santa Anna dashed out to meet him. The militaries met at the Battle of Cerro Gordo. Numerous records have been lost about this fight, however the San Patricios were likely in one of the forward batteries which were tied up by a diversionary assault while the Americans hovered around to assault the Mexicans from the back: again the Mexican Army had to withdraw. The Battle of Churubusco The Battle of Churubusco was the St. Patricks most prominent and last fight. The San Patricios were isolated and sent to protect one of the ways to deal with Mexico City: Some were positioned at a guarded works toward one side of a boulevard into Mexico City: the others were in a strengthened religious community. At the point when the Americans assaulted on August 20, 1847, the San Patricios battled like evil spirits. In the religious community, Mexican warriors multiple times attempted to raise a white banner, and each time the San Patricios tore it down. They possibly gave up when they came up short on ammo. The greater part of the San Patricios were either executed or caught in this fight: some got away into Mexico City, however insufficient to shape a strong armed force unit. John Riley was among those caught. Not exactly a month later, Mexico City was taken by the Americans and the war was finished. Preliminaries, Executions, and Aftermath Eighty-five San Patricios were taken prisoner taking all things together. Seventy-two of them were gone after for renunciation (probably, the others had never joined the US armed force and along these lines couldn't abandon). These were isolated into two gatherings and every one of them were court-martialed: some at Tacubaya on August 23 and the rest at San Angel on August 26. Whenever offered an opportunity to introduce a safeguard, many picked intoxication: this was likely a ploy, as it was frequently a fruitful barrier for cowards. It didnt work this time, nonetheless: the entirety of the men were sentenced. A few of the men were exculpated by General Scott for an assortment of reasons, including age (one was 15) and for declining to battle for the Mexicans. Fifty were hanged and one was shot (he had persuaded the officials that he had not really battled for the Mexican armed force). A portion of the men, including Riley, had absconded before the official presentation of war between the two countries: this was, by definition, a considerably less genuine offense and they couldn't be executed for it. These men got lashes and were marked with a D (for defector) on their appearances or hips. Riley was marked twice on the face after the main brand was unintentionally applied topsy turvy. Sixteen were hanged at San Angel on September 10, 1847. Four more were hanged the next day at Mixcoac. Thirty were held tight September 13 in Mixcoac, inside sight of the post of Chapultepec, where the Americans and Mexicans were fighting for control of the mansion. Around 9:30 a.m., as the American banner was raised over the post, the detainees were hanged: it was intended to be the exact opposite thing they at any point saw. One of the men hanged that day, Francis OConnor, had the two his legs cut off the day preceding because of his fight wounds. At the point when the specialist told Colonel William Harney, the official in control, Harney said Bring the cursed bastard out! My request was to hang 30 and by God, Ill do it! Those San Patricios who had not been hanged were tossed in dim prisons for the length of the war, after which they were liberated. They re-framed and existed as a unit of the Mexican armed force for about a year. A considerable lot of them stayed in Mexico and began families: a bunch of Mexicans today can follow their ancestry to one of the San Patricios. The individuals who remained were remunerated by the Mexican government with annuities and the land that had been offered to tempt them to abscond. Some came back to Ireland. Most, including Riley, evaporated into Mexican lack of definition. Today, the San Patricios are still somewhat of a hotly debated issue between the two countries. To Americans, they were swindlers, cowards, and turncoats who deserted out of apathy and afterward battled out of dread. They were surely hated in their day: in his phenomenal book regarding the matter, Michael Hogan calls attention to that out of thousands of weaklings during the war, just the San Patricios were ever rebuffed for it (obviously, they were likewise the main ones to wage war against their previous friends) and that their discipline was very brutal and savage. Mexicans, be that as it may, see them in a limitlessly extraordinary light. To Mexicans, the San Patricios were extraordinary legends who absconded in light of the fact that they couldn't remain to see the Americans tormenting a littler, more vulnerable Catholic country. They battled not out of dread however out of a feeling of righte

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SIPA 2012 Facebook Group COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog There are many communication channels available to incoming students and after some deliberation I am passing on yet another.   In the digital world there are lots of opportunities to network and share information, and as a reminder we definitely want admitted applicants to be checking this blog and the admitted student message board.   Also please pay attention to email messages from our office.   We will be communicating very important information through these channels. However, an enterprising admitted applicant contacted us letting us know he created a Facebook Group for newly admitted students and asked if we would help to promote it as a networking tool.   We know that Facebook is a very useful tool and thus we offer encouragement for those interested to join.   Click here for a link to the Columbia SIPA 2012 Facebook Group.

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Research Paper About The Wife of Bath - Free Essay Example

The Wife of Baths Tale begins and ends with power in the hands of men, suggesting that a world in which women wield power is only possible in the fantastical land of fairy. This tale only brings one question. What do women desire most? The Wife of Baths sacrifice of power to her husband after he has proven his willingness to grant it to her to suggest that what women really desire the most is not power, but love. Another answer couldve been sovereignty over their husbands or equal power in a relationship. The Wife is a solid devotee for ladies entitlement to have, and appreciate, sexual relations, all through marriage. Concerning marriage, she is a sequential monogamist (five and forgetting about), however she focuses numerous instances of polygamous relational unions in the Bible. Regardless of whether Chaucer was a feminist living well before his time, his picture of the Wife of Bath in The Canterbury Tales is a convincing study of medieval womens freedom. Precarious and self-serving, the Wife, or Alison, deliberately challenges that women ought to be accommodating to their instructing partners. In Chaucers time, the antifeminism of the church was a strong controlling segment. Alison protects her right to remarry in the wake of being widowed (multiple times) by describing the Biblical story of the Samaritan lady at the well who was living without any father present with a man in the wake of being widowed multiple times. Jesus told her to wed this fifth man. Alison uses this story an d the cases of Solomon, Abraham, and Jacob, every one of whom had numerous spouses. She cant help contradicting the Churchs teaching that virtue is desirable over second marriages; she trusts that by sharing herself, she is closer to the real lessons of the Bible. After the Wife of Baths five unions, she has discovered, through experience, that the main path for her to accomplish control is through financial autonomy. As Alison knows for a fact, the genuine products of marriage are set in the marriage bed. Marriage is the way to survival, and that is what Alison looks for and finds. The root of marital control is economic control The idea is clear: control is the power of the purse. She gets economic control by her first four husbands. They were all rich and when they passed, she received their allowances. Her fifth husband was completely different from the rest. Seemingly, she had enough money, she expanded her horizons going for someone younger and less experienced. The Wife of Bath seems to have control over her suitors and she is definitely a woman that is way ahead of her time. The tale begins and ends with power in the hands of men suggesting that women can only have power and control in fairytales. The Wife of Bath is smart, manipulative and always gets what she wants. She is proof of women having both power and love. She uses what she has, sex appeal, to be in control. During this point in time, this is huge because it was so frowned upon. The Wife of Bath softens her views of aid and love but continues the theme of self-sufficiency and power. Alison suggests that a mans true happiness can be reached when he allows his wife to have some level of independence. The knight in the Wife of Baths Tale is faced with answering the question of what women desire most. The fact that the knight does not instantly know the answer to the question proves that men are unaware to the feelings of a woman. Men do not realize the needs of a woman. The wife ends up giving the knight the choice of having her be either, beautiful and unfaithful or ugly and loyal. My lady and my love and my wife so dear, I put myself in your wise governing, Choose yourself which one may be most pleasing, And most honor to both you and me too. I do not care now which one of the two; What pleases you suffices now for me (Chaucer 1898). She is very pleased by his choice of leaving the decision to her and decides to be both beautiful and faithful to him. And when the knight saw all this verily, That she now was so fair and young too, For joy he seized her within his arms too, His heart was all bathed in a bath of bliss. A thousand times in a row, he did her kiss, And she obeyed him then in everything And that was to his pleasure or his liking. And thus they both lived until their lives end In in perfect joy (1899). The sense of balance and equality are shown when the knight tells her hed be happy with anything, but, he was hoping she would choose to be beautiful, but he gives her the power to decide and she chooses what he wants and they both end up happy and loving each other more. Ultimately, women want the ability to make decisions for themselves instead of being ordered around like servants. Women want to be respected as equal partners of men rather than their subordinates. Women do not want to dominate over men, but simply to be their equals to show that they are loved in that manner. The Wife of Bath uses the examples of three different relationships to show her idea that the man generally abuses his power over a woman and that in an ideal relationship the man should concede control to the woman. In the article Conflict and Relationship, Sovereignty and Survival: Parables of Power in the Wife of Baths Prologue by Barbara Gottfried, she states Even as she attempts a deconstruction of patriarchal literature in an experiential revision of it, the Wife necessarily falls short of the goal of overcoming authority because she can only define herself in relation to that authority. She does not speak simply about herself but realizes herself through her relationship to the various manifestations of patriarchy. Not only does she borrow her categories and the terms of her self-evaluation from the literature she condemns; patriarchal authority determines the fundamental bases for her self-definition. Along these lines, regardless of how much power the Wife of Bath thinks she has, she is constantly tied to patriarchy system. With the end goal to be completely powerful, she should throw away the world-views that she attempts to adapt to her specific situation, and replace them with her own beliefs, which in my opinion she does, but according to Gottfried, she doesnt accomplish this. The Wife of Bath is a woman of passion, who desires most of all to be more powerful than any man, her husband, or her lover. When we look at the prologue and her tale we are able to see who she is and to get a real sense of idea of how she actually views herself. She is confident about her knowledge of love, virginity and marriage because she has been married five times and states that her experience is more important than knowledge derived from intellectuals and books. She is very unique for a traditional type of woman during the time that this tale was written because she does not feel shameful for her experiences in life, instead, she feels that living by experience is the best way to live. Geoffrey Chaucer paints a very controversial picture of the Wife of Bath. On one hand she is crude, sexually explicit, and hypocritical, but on the other hand, she is humorous, brave, and fundamental. She is proud of her life and the fact that she has had five husbands at the church door does not dishonor her in any way. On the other hand, she truly believes in her viewpoint and her virtues and she supports them with quotes from the bible. That is ironic because she is differing womens oppression with the piece of literature that has been used by men as a justification for womens oppression. She questions if the Bible commands virginity and marriage only one time, but realizes that, in fact, many men in the Bible had more than one wife. Chaucer uses irony and sarcasm to test the churchs oppression of women by allowing the Wife of Bath to speak freely about sex, marriage and womens desires. She brags about lying, cheating and misleading her husbands and she shows little compassion to any of the men in her life. Yet, she is a woman of a strong character, who knows what she wants and continuously fights against male dominance. In modern times, The Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy and the Wife of Baths tale have a lot in common. Both involve a disturbing (or troubled) character whose past relationships with women are not entirely above par but finds redemption and eventually marriage in another relationship that has changed him into a loving and respectful husband. But both of these stories are fantasies so cant be seen as an accurate picture of relationships between men and women. In the end, only audiences can decide how they choose to read or interpret stories. In conclusion, The Wife of Baths Tale begins and ends with power in the hands of men, suggesting that a world in which women wield power is only possible in the fantastical land of fairy. In her Prologue, she has the determination to take on the male-centered thinkers of the Church and the wife-beaters of the overall population. The Wife of Bath knows how to work the male-dominant culture. This tale only brings one question. What do women desire most? The Wife of Baths sacrifice of power to her husband after he has proven his willingness to grant it to her to suggest that what women really desire the most is not power, but love.